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There’s no greater measure of our success than our residents’ feedback, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. At Icon 9700, our team is always looking for new ways to elevate your living experience, and that begins by staying on the pulse of our residents’ needs.

“The staff is great! The community is very nice, and always clean. I love that everything I need is walking distance. This is a great place to live and I highly recommend.”

-Danielle Weilbach-

  • “I’ve been here a week: – DirectTV is an archaic service offering. It shouldn’t be a mandated service to pay for. – My building always smells like marijuana. My kids always joke that it’s a skunk. I don’t have the heart to tell them otherwise. – No one knows how to determine what covered parking is available. Couldn’t you take an audit of who is paying for a spot, where that spot is, then cross-check against all total spots? This appears unprofessional and lazy. – My sink and bathtub were clogged when I moved in. Isn’t this supposed to be checked? – My DirectTV didn’t come with a power cord. – I didn’t get a trash valet trash can. Who checks this prior to new tenant move-in? – My Dwelo security system doesn’t work and the old tenants are on the account still. – Teenagers were in the pool at 3am last night being really loud (06-16-22). Who monitors this? – Corbin is doing the best he can. Get the guy some help with additional staff and more motivated management.”

    – Desmond W.

  • “I love my apartment location. I love being I. The 3rd floor – it helps me get my steps in for the day. I love walking to Starbucks for breakfast. I also love walking to Home Depot.”

    – Allene S.

  • “The maintenance team is great here! If you run across a problem, they are quick to assist & fix. I appreciate that about living here. Neighbors are nice & friendly. I am looking forward to seeing the pickle ball nets go up above the garage sports area. Always fun to walk my dog & have her play with all the neighbor dogs as well.”

    – Jeff S.

  • “Still no credit from being charged vacant gas charges months prior. Pickle ball nets still aren’t up (reached out a week ago with no response). Would like get together a planned and organized by office staff with residents – haven’t had one since last summer.”

    – Ashley L.

  • “The maintenance crew is really helpful. Anytime I’ve had problems they have been quick to respond and been able to fix the problem in one visit.”

    – Josie I.

  • “Icon is wonderful. It’s been beautiful to live at all seasons, the neighborhood is safe and clean. Icon 9700 is one of a kind and I am so grateful to live here.”

    – Ashley J.

  • “I love the pool everybody is nice, but we did have a problem with our heater this winter. Other then that it’s been very nice. There is a little noise, but this is the first time I have lived in an apartment.”

    – Brian E.

  • “Nice place no real complaints other than I wish the dog park they keep promising would be completed or that they would stop saying that it is coming soon when it is not.”

    – Megan S.

  • “We really enjoyed all the support we got moving into icon. We also love all the friendly people in the morning with their dogs. But by far our favorite think is our large bathroom.”

    – Coltin S.

  • “Excellent all around. We really enjoy icon9700. The amenities are wonderful and our apartment is incredibly spacious. It makes for a friendly and convenient community!”

    – Gregory S.

  • “Absolutely love the community here! It’s quiet and the neighbors are incredibly nice! Our apartment is exactly what we were looking for. We have a dog, and she loves it as well!”

    – Jaci W.

  • “Love the pool opened weeks ago!!!!! Still waiting on credit for “vacant gas” charges I was charged months ago and nobody from icon can explain.”

    – Ashley L.

  • “We absolutely love it here, great neighbors, love the location and the amenities! Staff has been great to work with as well. The pool, hot tub and workout area are our favorite!”

    – Jason W.

  • “I love living at Icon. A year in and we already have a beautiful community of neighbors not only part of Icon but in nearby homes that we can call friends. Thank you for building such a great place to live.”

    – Ashley J.

  • “I really enjoy living here. Maintenance team is super awesome. Neighbors are awesome, gym is clean, dogs everywhere (you “must love dogs” if you live here). Ready for pool weather!”

    – Jeff S.

  • “I love how luxurious everything feels in my unit! And the location is perfect! The staff is super quick at helping me with any issues and are always so kind! It’s awesome to be able to have a dog at such a nice complex”

    – Sarah F.

  • “Nice apartments in modern style. Decent amenities that could use a little more care (both from the staff but especially the residents). The residents all seem nice, feels like we are a community when we do see each other. I would like simpler ways to get in contact with staff. Overall a nice place to live”

    – Josie I.

  • “This place far exceeds our expectations of an apartment complex. With how nice the buildings are and how nice the apartment is itself. Only thing I wish for is more parking spots that are assigned.”

    – Taylor D.

  • “Other then we had some problems with our heater, I’m enjoying my time people are always nice. Can’t wait for things to warm up and enjoy the pool.”

    – Brian E.

  • “Hot tub has been closed 6 days now – bummer! Had friends in town the day it closed who were excited to use it. Lots of dog poo on grass again (I know it’s ideal for residents to pickup themselves – I always pick up my dog’s), but it’s a bad sight to see & gross to be worried every time we step on grass that we’ll step in it. Was charged vacant gas charges for some odd reason & still haven’t been credited in full for those charges on 2 Conservice statements ago. A positive is my lease renewal was pretty easy.”

    – Ashley L.

  • “Our experience here has been amazing! Always available parking! The gym is very convenient. Very clean!!! Maintenance has been super quick when it comes to our needs, and the office staff is so attentive and very nice!”

    – Deandre D.

  • “I really like living here! I have neighbors I actually call & consider my friends. Icon is super dog friendly, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Maintenance has really been point on lately. The maintenance crew is super helpful, and any issues or needs are addressed asap.”

    – Jeff S.

  • “Everything has been really great so far and the staff have been very nice and accommodating. The apartment itself is clean and modern and there is a lot of natural light. I absolutely love all the window real estate in my bedroom. It is so bright and cheery. The amenities are also really nice.”

    – Barbara I.

  • “Overall a good experience. Things could be done to improve communication and general grounds keeping could be better. People are decent. Management is pretty good but high turnover so we dont get to keep a good report going”

    – Josie I.

  • “We have love living here, the amenities are our favorite part! The staff has been great to work with, and the views of the mountains and the sunsets are lovely. Just renewed our lease!”

    – Jason W.

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