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There’s no greater measure of our success than our residents’ feedback, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. At Icon 9700, our team is always looking for new ways to elevate your living experience, and that begins by staying on the pulse of our residents’ needs.

“The staff is great! The community is very nice, and always clean. I love that everything I need is walking distance. This is a great place to live and I highly recommend.”

-Danielle Weilbach-

  • “My dog loves it here! He loves looking out the balcony and running around and there is ample green space for our dog family to enjoy. 5/5 would recommend”

    – Ashley J.

  • “Love it here ! Love how I have a perfect view of the mountains. It’s close to everything important to me. The management is great as well!!”

    – Karel B.

  • “I’ve enjoyed living here. Close to everything- ski resorts, hiking trails, restaurants, fun, and great views. The units are newer & modern. The maintenance team is great!”

    – Jeff S.

  • “I like living here. Beautiful green and well-maintained grounds. There are many options for entertainment (fireplace, grills, pool, jacuzzi, gym, playground).”

    – Viktoriia B.

  • “Been here a couple months, the leasing staff have been great, the community is always well kept, haven’t had any maintenance issues, or problems with neighbors.”

    – Russell K.

  • “It’s been great so far. We’re having a really good time up here. Leasing office team is great. And on top of that 24/7 maintenance team. I requested heater issue on Sunday evening and the first thing on Monday morning maintenance person was here and he said we should’ve called them and we would have been here right away. I didn’t know that. Super super helpful.”

    – Pamela A.

  • “The location and amenities are what sold us on this place. But the lack of parking, shoddy repair work, and lack of enforcement of rules will make us leave.”

    – Allie G.

  • “So far the apartment is exactly what I was looking for! I’m loving it. The area is awesome, there is a lot to do in the area and the restaurants in the area are also great.”

    – Trae B.

  • “Great apartments, great location, great amenities, not so great maintenance, valet trash collection has issues had to find out by accident that there is an existing recycling program. The rent is way to high and the common area utilities are very wasteful. If you want great advertising for year round hot tub and pool either heat the pool in winter and let the residents use it or close it. If you want to have pretty pictures pay for the heating yourself don’t make the residents do it.”

    – Kent J.

  • “Great amenities like the pool in the summer and the grill gazebo with the fire pit, a fun playground for kids and a nice area for just taking an easy stroll after dinner. Shopping close by and to be honest quite a few churches to pick from and the public facilities just a block or so away”

    – David M.

  • “We have moved in the apartments last week only and are happy with the entire process. The staff, specially the site admin has been very helpful in getting us started here”

    – Deepak A.

  • “I’ve enjoyed my time at Icon. I’ve lived here for 2 & 1/2 years. Good neighbors, a quick and responsive maintenance team. A very dog friendly community, and close to ski resorts and hiking trails.”

    – Jeff S.

  • “Extreme amount of theft & vandalism. 3 neighbors had cars stolen from complex (1 had 2 cars stolen), too many have had cars broken into, others have had stolen parts off their car, a few ppl have had bikes stolen off balcony – even those 2 floors up, my car has been vandalized w/someone jumping on my hood causing big dents, dents in passenger door, chunks of paint scratched off, & even tire slashed. Another neighbor just had her car keyed. My outside decor has been vandalized. Cops & icon do nothing to help us feel safer. I even warned ppl on the apt app & now can’t post or comment on it. Maintenance damaged some of my home decor & wall paint. An approx 15% annual rent increase in 2023 when the market doesn’t justify anywhere near this is absurd. Overpriced & absurd required extras like cable & valet trash I never use yet have to pay. Constantly ignored after reaching out w/concerns. Icon doesn’t care to treat us as anything other than replaceable w/this new management.”

    – Ashley L.

  • “Not very clean grounds dog poop everywhere and trash in the parking lots. Complained many times but with no resolution from leasing staff. We pay incredibly high rent for LUXURY living and it’s far from that”

    – Geoff H.

  • “I love it here out of all the places I have lived the best one yet!management are exceptional and the amenities are great. The gym equipment are sufficient to get a really good work out.”

    – Karel B.

  • “The grounds have not been kept up as nicely as in the past. Snow removal has been lagging and the staff always blames it on the landscapers instead of getting it taken care of. It’s the responsibility of the complex. I had my groceries stolen from my front door. The auto pay for rent won’t allow to pay on the 3rd which is when I get paid. Now after 2 years of auto pay I’m having late fees because I’m not used to doing it manually. This really sucks for the residents who get government assistance payments on the 3rd. And I have new neighbors above me who are so loud. Their voices boom from above and they are night owls. Both my son and I have been woken up by them running around, talking loudly and the other day they were literally building furniture and sawing something at 12:30 at night. It’s affecting our sleep which is making for really rough mornings. Things seem to be going downhill here. Management could make this feel more upscale like it did when I moved in 2 years ago.”

    – Sarah F.

  • “The move in process was easy and well prepared. The property grounds and amenities look great and the staff is excellent. I really like the spacious rooms in the unit, my only recommendation would be to upgrade the bath tub to maybe a larger size.”

    – Russell K.

  • “I’ve enjoyed living at Icon 9700 for 2 & a half years now. Neighbors are great, lots of dogs, which I love. Nice facilities, gym, pool, hiking trails. Icon is very close to Little Cottonwood Canyon for skiing, and Dimple Dale Trail Head. Lots to do in the area. The interior of the apartments are modern, and you can make it as sleek as you like.”

    – Jeff S.

  • “It’s great living at ICON. I love that we have beautiful views and world class ski resorts right at our doorstep. The amenities and neighbors are another added bonus.”

    – Ashley J.

  • “The increase in rent I’ve been hearing is outrageous. Emails and concerns often go unreplied even afte reaching out multiple times. The hot tub has been closed due to the health service shutting it down which is scary and the pickle ball court was never put up his entire year after getting pickle ball paddles and balls just for it. The landscaping is lacking. There are tons of muddy dirt spots where there was once grass and there are multiple dead plants and bushes that need to be pulled and replaced. They pulled a bunch of dead plants a year or two ago and never replaced them so there’s a bunch of missing bushes and plants that once were there too, the pool gets very crowded and there aren’t enough places to sit. It is a nice pool though and of course the location being where it is. The apartments are small and very poorly insulated, and the construction workers they used are not top notch. You can see it in the paint, the finish carpentry, the tile, etc.”

    – Ashley L.

  • “Love the unique floor design and large master bedroom. The easy access to complex amenities. The swimming pool is great and I like the central mailbox location, and a secure Amazon hub. There are great schools nearby and a grocery store only a few blocks away”

    – David M.

  • “This is my first home that I rent. Before that, I lived in my own apartments. I like this complex. I like that this complex is quite new and well maintained.”

    – Tetiana R.

  • “No matter the season, Icon 9700 is a safe, modern place to live. And with amazing restaurants and sites within 5 minutes or 5 hours, it definitely facilitates a rich home experience.”

    – Ashley J.

  • “I enjoy living at Icon 9700. The maintenance team and grounds team have really done a good job keeping up with the snow & cold this year. Neighbors are pretty good, lots of dog friendly people. Living this close to Little Cottonwood Canyon to get to the ski slopes quickly is fabulous!”

    – Jeff S.

  • “Charged too high in error for cable after asking multiple times for the credit to be applied to rent per directtv after stopping some add on services which provided a credit. Icon has ignored these requests. Also now ignoring requests to remove “vacant Gas” charges they couldn’t explain why I received after initially saying they would help with this. The recent increases in rent I’m hearing others are receiving are absurd and would total an approx 45% – 50% increase over a few short years since 2019. Residents are walking dogs without leashes and with my dogs medical issues, it’s resulted in a trip to the ER with unwell behaved dogs running up in his space causing syncopal episodes where he collapses, loses oxygen, etc – I notified icon asking if there was any way they could help make sure these residents adhere to the leash rules but received no help”

    – Ashley L.

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