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There’s no greater measure of our success than our residents’ feedback, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. At Icon 9700, our team is always looking for new ways to elevate your living experience, and that begins by staying on the pulse of our residents’ needs.

“The staff is great! The community is very nice, and always clean. I love that everything I need is walking distance. This is a great place to live and I highly recommend.”

-Danielle Weilbach-

  • “Icon 9700 is located between so many great activities – whether you’re into soccer, tennis, hiking, swimming, horseback riding – you name it, this area has it all, and Icon makes it readily accessible. How cool is that??”

    – Ashley J.

  • “We have loved living here! Amenities are the best, can’t hear neighbors, great maintenance crew & office staff, only downside are people smoking on their balconies.”

    – Jason W.

  • “I moved here 3 weeks ago, The staff and maintenance people are great and very quick to answer all the queries. The apartment that we got is ok( carpets are old and worn out/was not very clean). The 1 star I deducted is because the soccer and pickle ball courts are under repair and were to be fixed almost 2 weeks ago.”

    – Unknown A.

  • “Overall good ..,….,,,,,,…….,……,….,.,…. ……G ………..O………O………….D. Not very many complaints. Clean place. Quiet neighbors. Nice pool. Val-let trash service”

    – Geoff H.

  • “I love living here. Great complex, great amenities & neighbors. This is a dog nirvana. If you have a dog or love dogs, you’ll fit right in! Really close to great hiking trails, and the Sandy dog park. I work at Snowbird, and it is literally 3 minutes to the canyon.”

    – Jeff S.

  • “Very rough moving in as the complex was unorganized, gave me to wrong address so everything including gas and electricity was going to the wrong place, and things not clean/missing/broken in apt when moving in. Lots of communication needed from the gate but now that I’m here it’s pretty nice! The ‘extra’ fees I’m not excited about- like paying for trash but also having to pay for valet trash so technically you’re paying over $30/month for trash. The community fees and pest control fees I’d assume would be included in the rent not added extra each month. The cable that you have to also pay for with the internet is pretty ridiculous considering not many people like myself even watch cable anymore… but that’s a $140/month charge you just have to bite. The pool is great, the apartments themselves are nice considering it’s dog friendly and it is very quiet which I love! Also love the gym so all in all I do like living here! Very close to restaurants, bars, and the mountains!”

    – Caroline E.

  • “Love living here. The people who work here are super friendly, and always willing to help you. I’ve loved all of our neighbors as well. However, I’ve had my car broken into and have had to deal with kids vandalizing things for months. Other than a few not so great experiences, living here has been awesome!”

    – Allison P.

  • “I love the pool. Everybody around is nice. Just not a big fan of the garbage service. It is easier for me to take care of on my own. The come at different times each day and we have giving up on glass and plastic.”

    – Brian E.

  • “Still have 5 dead plants (& only a cpl alive) by my patio and contacted icon 2x about this. I did love the pool party and hope we do more things like that!”

    – Ashley L.

  • “The apartments are beautifully decorated, the location is preem, the views are beautiful, staff is energetic and friendly, maintenance is great, the grounds are well maintained, and it’s dog friendly! Noise is what’s down-rating this place though. I fully understand this is a unique situation – but the last six months we have lived here we are beneath a stomper. So the insulation between floors is not really great. But on a positive note – it encouraged us to take the leap and buy. Everything has been superb other than the 6am stomper.”

    – Christa K.

  • “Most everyone is very friendly! Lots of dogs ~ however I never barking ! Office staff is Great and always helpful! The dead plants throughout the complex should be removed and some grass areas need to be reseeded! ☀️”

    – Carolyn E.

  • “Move in was simple and flexible! The office staff are very helpful! Our new apartment is beautiful and we are so excited for the year ahead!”

    – Victoria M.

  • “The Icon 9700 gym is fantastic. With two studios to work in, all of the gym equipment is modern and clean. It is great to have a pool, shower, and gym all in the same building.”

    – Ashley J.

  • “Great place to live, love the amenities & pricing is reasonable for location & how nice the apartments are. We have enjoyed our time here for almost 2 years!”

    – Jason W.

  • “Moving in was great. People are super nice and friendly. The only issue I’m seeing a problem is when I emailed the office and haven’t received a response about something important.”

    – Robert S.

  • “Great staff greasy community felt welcomed when we were going through the application and then also when we were moving in. They were very helpful with everything other than the printer being broken”

    – Tyler B.

  • “Just moved in but so far so good! Super nice and comfortable. Corbin has been tons of help and is super friendly and willing to walk us through the process.”

    – Maizie M.

  • “See my google review for details, it mentions all the ways I think this community needs to improve in order to be deserving of a 5 star review.”

    – Anna S.

  • “So far this has been a fantastic community. The people are friendly and the staff are kind and helpful. These are great apartments. Awesome location and really nice pool and pickle ball court.”

    – Sebastian P.

  • “I love living here!! Staff is amazing and the amenities fantastic! The pool and fun activities such as food trucks are a great addition! I recommend moving here!”

    – Tulinda L.

  • “Even though the prices here are a little high considering, the community and location are so worth it. We love our apartment! I’m happy to be in a complex that isn’t super large, and everyone here is respectful of eachother.”

    – Meghan B.

  • “I am constantly tagging my location on Face Book. Often, it is from Icon 9700. Between my Son in the pool, or the BBQ’s, or the fire pit, or courts, always something to do, including all the close trails to hike with my dog & neighbor friends. Great community, great amenities. How many places have you lived that have an Amazon Hub & a Doggy Spa? Lastly, the units are nice. great colors, stainless steel. The “look” fits my style. Icon 9700 reminds me of living in Orange County, Calf. except I have good snow, and no Newport Beach. Jeffery”

    – Jeff S.

  • “I’m so happy here. Great, respectful neighbors, clean modern space and amenities. I have lived all across the valley, but I can say that here at Icon 9700, I finally feel at home.”

    – Ashley J.

  • “Great community and resident perks! With everything from a pool, to a dog washing station, to a pickleball court whatever that is… Property staff is great!”

    – Ethan O.

  • “Everyone is nice, and the apartments are beautiful, and the view of the mountains are beautiful. Everything is really nice about icon9700, we have had no problems.”

    – Roman R.

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