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There’s no greater measure of our success than our residents’ feedback, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. At Icon 9700, our team is always looking for new ways to elevate your living experience, and that begins by staying on the pulse of our residents’ needs.

“The staff is great! The community is very nice, and always clean. I love that everything I need is walking distance. This is a great place to live and I highly recommend.”

-Danielle Weilbach-

  • “It’s pretty fine, not going to stay because I’m looking for a house, but it’s a nice community, pretty quiet, but the amenities could use a little sprucing up.”

    – Brian D.

  • “Move in was a good experience and we just love love love our new home so much space. The bedrooms and closets are huge as well. If you have kids too it’s just nice room as big enough for do much stuff.”

    – Alexis B.

  • “I had a 9mo lease with Icon and though I’m not a fan of apts, I enjoyed my time here and it is one of the nicer apartments I’ve lived in. Maintenance is quick and it’s a peaceful complex. Con’s are that they’re a little pricey for what you get & that a lot of tenants don’t pick up their own dogs’ poop..”

    – Elizabeth G.

  • “Hoping the pool opens soon! Appreciate maintenance being so prompt with maintenance requests. Still don’t have an ice maker working in my freezer tho & it’s been about a year or so :(”

    – Ashley L.

  • “It’s a fairly average apartment complex. It stays relatively quiet, but there is not much interaction that I have noticed either. The gym is sub par, but probably standard for an apartment complex, and the hot tub is quite small for a complex this size. parking can be difficult, but all in all its a fine place if you’re looking for an apartment in sandy.”

    – Brian D.

  • “Great place to live. Area is a wonderful location to Dimple Dell park as well as the canyons. High quality buildings with little to no sound coming from upstairs neighbors.”

    – Eric P.

  • “They’ve tended to almost everything I’ve needed while living here so far. Aside from the extra fees they have like most complexes, love living here! Great location and apartment.”

    – Jaimie R.

  • “Nice location and community. Pet friendly and modern apartment design. I love the big windows and neutral colors. Close to shopping and dinning options”

    – Angela M.

  • “It is very unfair of the listing agents to show what the apartment that I am living in now is going to be cheaper for the next tenent but if we renewed our lease it would be more then we currently pay”

    – Peter B.

  • “Maintenance has been on it for promptly fixing misc maintenance items which I appreciate (just still haven’t had an ice maker for over a year which would be nice to have again vs having to use & constantly fill ice trays).”

    – Ashley L.

  • “The very first thing I noticed about these apartments was the location. They are located right next to the mountains. The area here is very beautiful and always well-groomed. The people who live here are very well-mannered and pleasant to talk to. The apartments themselves are very clean, modern and recently renovated. The only thing I would recommend changing here, as a mother, is to make a larger playground for different age categories of children.”

    – Tetiana R.

  • “I love the community. It feels safe and love the neighborhood. It’s kids and pet friendly. I also love how it’s close distance to the shopping malls.”

    – Casiana D.

  • “It is a quiet place to live, it is beautiful, I love the mountains that are around, I am close to the Church, the school, some shops and places to eat.”

    – Karla V.

  • “Valet waist is a joke, and should be an opt in service. I walk my trash down because often times I see neighbors with trash out for more than what is the expected turn around time. My fault for not looking the lease over more, but seems like lots of little charges. The gym could use some better equipment, one of the benches certainly seems like a safety hazard. The community is quiet for the most part, so that’s a plus. The staff is friendly, I think most of the issues would need to be resolved by the management company/owners of the complex, and they don’t seem to have much of an interest in doing that, aside from the typical “thanks for pointing that out” response.”

    – Brian D.

  • “Great place to live! They are on top of all winter maintenance and my wife and I have been enjoying the hot tub that is open all winter long.”

    – Eric P.

  • “Love the location and community. Excited for the amenities to be done. The complex workers and maintenance staff have been quick and helpful whenever anything has been needed as well”

    – Jaimie R.

  • “The apartments are nice, but nothing special to cost 2 grand. I moved in in July ’23 at the rate of $2,010 for a 2-bed/2-bath unit, and after utilities it is around $2,100-$2,200/month. It’s unfortunate because they’re definitely not worth that price, and now (Jan ’24) my same unit is starting around $1,600 and a 3-bed/2-bath is $10 more than what I am paying for my 2-bed/2-bath unit. I am definitely not resigning in April and will go rent a house. Also, the ceilings/walls are very thin- you can always hear any neighbors around you. Lastly, some people at this complex are so lazy and disrespectful that they don’t even pick up their own dog’s poop-even if the dog waste bags/trash stand is LITERALLY two steps away.”

    – Elizabeth G.

  • “Parking is very limited and often needing to park on the other side of the complex and walk – the electric car spots took up more uncovered spots and I’ve never seen them used”

    – Ashley L.

  • “I recently moved into this apartment, and overall, the environment is quite pleasant. However, I do have a couple of concerns. Firstly, the water quality seems not very good. Secondly, there’s a shortage of free parking spaces. When I return home after work, I often find myself having to park in a spot that’s quite a distance from my room.”

    – Yue S.

  • “I have been here for about four months now and am very happy with my experience! The amenities are kept nice and clean. My apartment itself is really cute and the location is wonderful. Sandy is so much cooler than I expected. Excited to be here for a while.”

    – Casie P.

  • “Just moved in but so far so good! Love the location of this place; can’t wait to use some of the amenities. The staff has been super helpful with the move-in and all information.”

    – Jaimie R.

  • “The apartment has been fine, the community is pretty quiet. The gym equipment could use some updating, and it would be cool if there was more community events, but all in all its fine.”

    – Brian D.

  • “Good apartment complex. Unfortunately, I have a first floor unit and the unit above me is really loud and stomps around. Thankfully after I told the office and asked them advice, and they said that they could get a thorough call on our throwing because someone else I complained to”

    – Elizabeth G.

  • “So far everything has been great living here! I have no complaints, it’s quiet and homey feeling. Best part is you are 20 miles from many of the ski resorts”

    – Zach R.

  • “Move in was so easy & the place is beautiful! The staff here is incredible & very communicative! The view is absolutely beautiful here & we are so close to so many awesome things”

    – Jayda D.

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